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We do things a little differently at AMD. We know most of our competitors want to sell what they have and tell you how great it is. I have talked to many of our clients who have paid literally thousands of dollars for very little in return. I know how that feels. We have a number of items that we want to GIVE you FIRST. We want to prove our worth. We are not here to sell you anything. We want to work with you on an ongoing basis to provide and continue to provide proven cutting-edge ideas THAT WORK! Check them out Click Here

A.I.M. For Success

with our

All Inclusive Marketing Program

We have built an agency that provides the best programs available. Because of our affiliations with other agencies, we have pooled our resources and have literally spent millions to create the best, unique, one of kind marketing strategies that will help you save money, grow your business, and beat the competition!

Give Away Vacations To These Destinations

Give Away A Free 5 Night Beachfront Vacation Incentive To one of five Mexican resorts OR A 3 Night Vacation Incentive to Orlando, Las Vegas, Branson, Williamsburg, or Gatlinburg. (No timeshare presentation)
Close More Sales, Reduce Cancels, Get Referrals, Online Contests, Generate Video Testimonials & Much More!

GEO Conquest Pro

Legally Steal Your Competitor's Customers.

Imagine what would happen if suddenly you were able to have your ads all over your customer’s smartphones while they were in your competitors business… and then what if you were able to have your ads show up on all of your competitor's customer’s computers at home and at work…  Limited Availability!


FREE Advertising Program. We were chosen as one of only 100 agencies to represent this great program.

Reputation Marketing

After 5 years and several million dollars, we have built the most complete reputation marketing system possible. In today's internet economy you can't afford to mess this up.

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