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A organization known as Blendtec started putting out guerrilla marketing videos where they merely demolished cell phones and other items with their branded blenders. Just a couple of years later, more than 890,000 people have signed up for their YouTube channel. A guerrilla marketing effort is not guaranteed to go viral, but it only takes one to skyrocket a small business to success.

Makes Potential for Viral Marketing

Blendtec started a guerrilla marketing campaign where they simply documented themselves damaging certain items, such as cell phones and markers, in a blender. Years later, they have over 890,000 subscribers. Not every guerrilla marketing method will pay off big, but if one does, the results could be life-changing.

Guerrilla Marketing Lures Millennials

In 2015, it was estimated that there would be 75.3 million Millennials in America. This indicates they overtook Baby Boomers and became the largest living generation in the country. It is statistics like this that make it visible how important it is to market to Millennials.

Luckily for businesses aiming to begin guerrilla marketing strategies, Millennials will follow. A full 78 percent of this generation says they like giving business to brands they engage in face-to-face interactions with. Since this is exactly what guerrilla marketing targets, company owners have a new tool to bring in this exploding demographic.

Guerrilla Marketing Will save Money

Some businesses go all out when it comes to guerrilla marketing. The Red Bull jump from space, for example, undoubtedly costed a lot of money. This does not mean, though, that all guerrilla marketing is costly. From edgy window displays to sidewalk chalk art, a range of guerrilla tactics can cost little to nothing.

Guerrilla marketing is not going anywhere, and for local businesses on a budget, it presents one of the best opportunities of getting widespread attention. Once a business owner understands all of the benefits it offers, they would be doing themselves a disservice by not considering guerrilla marketing techniques.