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Local companies are likely the last thing a person thinks about when on Snapchat. While they may seek out their favorite large businesses, such as WWE or Nike, local businesses aren’t often considered when on the platform. For this reason, you must tell others about your Snapchat account via other social sites. Post announcements with links via Twitter, Facebook and any other social platform you have.

employ Other Platforms to Bring On Followers

Most people do not seek out local businesses when playing on Snapchat. Sure they might search for organizations like Nike or IBM, but a local company likely won’t cross their mind. That is why the initial step to effective Snapchat marketing is an onslaught of announcements on other social media. From Twitter to Facebook and everywhere in between, post various announcements letting followers know you are on Snapchat.

Give Live Access to Events

Whether you are holding a contest at a local event tent or having a product launch, you can use Snapchat to open the event to followers who cannot be present. You may also film unique events like a “100th customer” celebration. Since the site gets 4 billion video views per day, you can rest assured many of your customers can see these videos on the platform.

Run Contests on the Platform

Just like any other social media platform, you’ll be able to run contests on Snapchat. Tell followers they are entered when sending out a video of themselves making use of your product. Many brands add a really fun aspect by creating “Snapchat scavenger hunts.” These hunts often just have followers performing easy tasks and posting them. Be creative, and your followers will sign up.

Snapchat marketing is a newer endeavor for most companies, but it is time to jump on the bandwagon. You do not need your competition perfecting a new social media strategy while you are lagging behind.

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