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Take Advantage of Timing

Timing Is Very Important

Forbes listed “timing” as one of the most vital aspects of making a video go viral. This means simply cashing in on a popular current topic. Integrate the topic into your video in some way, post to social media and even perhaps throw in a few targeted hashtags.

Include Personality and Humor

It would be great if a local business could post a typical video promoting their business and have it go viral. In many instances, though, this just won’t work. Only videos that show off personality, and frequently humor, are likely to really get noticed far and wide.

The startup company Dollar Shave Club, for instance, quickly netted 4.75 million views on its first “our blades are great” video. The CEO showed off his outgoing personality and presented several hilarious one-liners throughout the video. Concentrate on being real and funny for a shot at viral success.

Do Not Be Reluctant To Drop A Few Dollars

Even if a video has ‘viral’ written all over it, it does not stand much of a chance on small Facebook pages. This is a real problem for local companies in small towns. This is why, if a video gets more engagement than normal, it won’t hurt to spend a few dollars boosting the video post to optimize exposure.

Even following all of the rules won’t guarantee a viral video. The good thing is, it doesn’t take a million viral videos to make a company at least temporarily famous. It only takes one, so seeking that goal can be gratifying.