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Geo Conquest Pro

Imagine what would happen if suddenly you were able to have your ads all over your potential client’s smartphones after they leave the ER or the Family Waiting Room at the Local Jail… and then what if you were able to have your ads show up on all of their computers at home and at work…  Limited Availability!

Facebook Marketing

We have perfected the ability to target potential clients that need your legal services by their conversations and behaviors. This highly targeted approach increases affectiveness and reduces cost.


Retargeting is the ability to capture 100% of the visitors that come to your website, blog and landing page offer and market to them “LONG AFTER” they have left your page. With 96% of all visitors leaving your site without taking any action at all, this becomes THE MOST IMPORTANT Piece of ANY Marketing Campaign. With our Proprietary 10X Strategy this can be the biggest boost to markeitng. Without this, you are wasting a huge portion of your marketing budget!

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FREE Business Intelligence Report

Amazing Business Intel From Our Free Report Allows You To Find Out What Your Client’s Are Saying About You Online, Search Top Business Directories To Find Errors & Optimization Issues And Discover How Visible Your Firm Is Online – This will increase your rankings in Google! GET YOURS TODAY! …  CLICK HERE 

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Get Found Everywhere

When potential clients search for an attorney online, they’re looking locally—just a few miles from where they live and work. That’s why your locations need to be listed accurately across the search engines and directories they’re using. Our local search technologies and services provide accurate listings that build exposure, add credibility, help rankings and can turn searchers into clients.

Reputation Marketing

The Game Of Online Marketing Has Changed… To Give 5 Star Law Firms The Advantage!  This is one of the simplest and most important things a firm can do. We have the best platform to not only gather reviews but to market those reviews all over the internet.

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