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In an article June 28, 2017, Facebook IQ

Birthday? Introducing the birth-week

Find out more about how people are celebrating their birthday on Facebook and what it means for marketers.

“On their birthdays, people check Facebook more frequently, between two and four more sessions compared to an average day1. But people are not just celebrating on the actual day, according to a Facebook IQ survey, some people in Europe and the UAE celebrate their birthdays across several days. And this is particularly true when it comes to milestone birthdays.”

I believe the same thing applies to the US. 80% of people said they booked a restaurant or a venue for their party, but only 27% were on the actual day. So what does this mean for your marketing plan?

Embrace the birth-week:

“People want to spend their birthday celebrating with loved ones, so what can you offer them in terms of gift experiences to share with others? How can you make every birthday feel like a milestone and give people permission to stretch their celebration over a couple of days — they deserve it!”

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To See what Birthday Marketing can do for your business:

Birthday Marketing