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The Printed Word remains Powerful

Printed Material Still Works

Even with online technology providing countless marketing methods, you probably still see fliers in your mailbox or on local community boards. This is because, regardless of what you think of traditional marketing, printed material is still effective.

A simple flier, for example, could be printed at a low cost and dispersed around any local targeted area. It needs to also be noted that business cards are yet another type of printed marketing material that works magic. In fact, for every 2,000 business cards passed out, a company’s sales raise 2.5 percent. Point being: print works.

Create Press Releases

While everything that happens in your business might not be newsworthy, some events undoubtedly qualify. Will you be

offering a Veteran’s Day discount for current and former service members? Create a press release. Having a sale to celebrate an expansion? Local journalists may believe it is deserving of the newspaper. Best of all, local newspapers will most likely publish these stories in the paper and online.

Engage in Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a way of advertising your business that is outside of the traditional methods. It’s often thought that this is only successful if it is so extravagant that people must notice it, but luckily, this is simply not the case. Anything from leaving a branded pen at your local bank to using different color Post-It notes to develop a mural can be powerful if it gets people to take notice.

There is not any question that advertising has moved largely over to digital media, but that does not mean older technique do not work. If you get people’s attention you have a successful marketing strategy, regardless of the platform.