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Local business owners often focus on just saying what they need to say in their email messages. This could result in text-based emails being sent that are unappealing to the eye at best. Never send simplistic emails like this. Every message you send should present the company’s core values, brand voice and have the logo and slogan prominent. Your brand must remain consistent on all platforms.

Present The Brand Inside The Email

When sending out emails, most small businesses want to just get the message across. Now and then, this results in some companies sending out simple text-based emails. Do not be this simplistic. Make sure every email sent boasts the brand’s voice, core values and even the slogan and logo. Brand building needs to be consistent across all platforms.

Provide Special Offers And Newsletters

One of the greatest ways to keep a brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds is to periodically provide value through email marketing. Every message does not need to be about updated features, new location openings and “Come See Our New Showroom!” pitches.

There are undoubtedly a lot of folks on your email list who have only done business with your company once or not at all. Keep them interested by providing value through informative newsletters and special offers. Make sure to never send too many, though, or you will risk getting labeled as spam.

Apply Customer Behavior To Spotlight Brand Aspects

Most email marketing tools allow local companies to track how their customers engage. This can include “open rates” and even purchasing habits. This data may be used to highlight certain brand attributes to specific customers.

Agencies already use customer information to engage in personalized marketing. Once you know what’s important to your consumers, you can send diverse messages to different recipients and focus on the part of your brand that those clients most value.

Building your brand is a non-stop job, and you need to use every tool available to pull it off. Thankfully, email marketing is among the few tools that you are likely already using.