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Direct VoiceMail vs Ringless VoiceMail

Ringless Voice Mail has been around for about 8 years or more. The problems associated with it have consistently gotten worse. We had clients mad at us because their customers were mad at them for the multiple half rings and multiple messages. We decided to do something about it. We perfected the Direct Voice Mail and provide quality service and data for our clients. But to be totally transparent, Sprint customers get a 1/4 ring when the message is dropped. It does not show as a missed call and then they see the message.

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Direct VoiceMail

This works for any  B2B or B2C Company that wants to reach the maximum number of people and get brand awareness, contacts and sales.

When bombarded by sales people claiming fantastic returns and making unsubstantiated promises it’s difficult to know who you can trust. The clients below felt the same way. Fortunately, our system works so well they changed their tune after just one week.

This is money well spent! I had a closing in 45 days. Can we double up on the calls? This is great!!

Joshua D.

KW Realtor

I thought you were blowing smoke. Do you know how many people come in each week promising to bring all these customers? I figured we would get 5-6 calls. Wow, over 100 calls later you proved us wrong.

Anthony P.

Ford GM

We tried a similar service for 3 months and got zero results. You guys obviously have the ‘secret sauce’.

Norm L.

Nissan GM

We Have Mastered The Open Rate!

See what these auto dealers had to say.

We will use our brand new 100% FCC and TCPA compliant technology, to drop our brief, proven effective message directly into your customers’ voicemail. This generates an incredible response rate, which in turn allows you to set appointments and generate sales.

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All Service Packages Include:

  • Custom 2017  list generation from over 1500 data criteria – we cultivate a list specific to the geographical and socioeconomic criteria you choose. Check out the criteria CLICK HERE
    • ??Up to 3000 targeted contacts per month (varies by package)
    • Optional delivery of the full list to you for alternative marketing use
  • ?Direct Voice Mail (DVM) and Landline Direct contact method that delivers a message directly to your target prospects phone.
    • ?Up to 3000 delivered messages per month (varies by package)
    • ?Call tracking – see who called you back and when.  Listen to your conversations!
    • Uses Server to Server file transfer
  • Custom Marketing script preparation
    • ??Optional Script Split testing to find your perfect script
    • ?Call tracking and reporting to track response rate per script
  • Professional Voice Artist to record your scripts
  • Dedicated US-based account manager to assist you via the phone with any questions

We have different pricing options to suit your needs. 

The right DVM marketing package for you will depend on the size and goals of your business.

Monthly Pricing (3-month commitment then cancels anytime with 3-day notice prior to due date):

Option A –  DVM 1KMO   –   $270.00/month

1,000 DVMs (2 days per week for 4 weeks – 125 per day)

Option B – DVM 2KMO   –  $499.00/month

2000 DVMs (4 days per week for 4 weeks – 125 per day)

Option C – DVM 3KMO    –    $659.00/month

3000 DVMs (5 days per week for 4 weeks – 150 per day)

Option D – DVM 5KMO    –    $997.00/month

5000 DVMs (5 days per week for 4 weeks – 250 per day)

Option D – DVM 10KMO   –   $1697.00/month

10000 DVMs (5 days per week for 4 weeks – 500 per day)

Individual Pricing: .

Option A –  DVM 1K   –  $320.00

1,000 DVMs

Option B – DVM 2K   –  $597.00

2000 DVMs

Option C – DVM3K   –  $797.00

3000 DVMs

Option DVM5K    –    $1197.00 

5000 DVMs

Option D – DVM 10K   –   $1,897.00 

10000 DVMs