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As we have seen over the recent months. Facebook has made major changes in a number of areas. Most recently as was reported in Tech Crunch May 29th, 2018 https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/28/facebook-will-cut-off-access-to-third-party-data-for-ad-targeting/

“In a surprise change, Facebook will give up one major data source that the company uses to help advertisers target relevant users on the platform. The company just announced that it will end a feature called Partner Categories, launched back in 2013out of a partnership between Facebook and major data brokers.”

According to Brad Dixon of Advanced Marketing Dynamics, “This will not have an effect on the ability to serve our clients going forward, but there will definitely need to be some strategy changes..”

The one thing that has affected many is the new algorithm changes in the news feed. Some businesses who rely solely on Facebook have been forced to shut their doors. This is a great time for a business that knows what they are doing on Facebook.

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I also hope this video by Neil Patel will help you as you try to optimize your social media campaigns

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Brad went on to say, “Even if the very worse case scenario happened, we aren’t limited to Facebook. You can take our data to ANY platform. This all shows why you can never rely on one platform and if you do your business can be in jeopardy.  This is good for all of our businesses and increases the need for what we do for them.”