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The original concept for this article came from one of my mentors. Darren Hardy. dd.darrenhardy.com/

OK, so we are halfway through 2017. Let’s check in – How are you doing? Are you glad it is half over or are you anxious because it is half over? Does that excite you or bum you out. Are you where you thought you would be, maybe further, or are you not even close?  Did you even have a plan? Perhaps you are even disappointed that you are not as healthy as you planned, or as far along in your job or business. Maybe you haven’t spent as much time with family and friends or haven’t been the parent you wanted to be this year.

Where ever you are at, there is good news.   It’s OK because it is only half time.  There is plenty of game still left to play.  So let’s see what Bill Belichick said to the New England Patriots in that locker room of Super Bowl LI when they were down 21 to 3 in the first half and made a historic comeback to win 34 to 28. It must have been amazing and awe-inspiring, right? He let his team hydrate, calm down and get quite. He then grounded them on what they know and what their game plan was. He pointed out the weaknesses of the opposition and made any adjustments that needed to be made to the plan. He got everyone focused on their job and winning. Here is what he said, “We need to keep doing what we are doing. Play like we know how to play and not think about what happens. They have to score a lot more points on us to keep us down. We can score enough points to win.” He drew up the adjustments to the plan and then he concluded, “Do your job, Finish!”

Martellus Bennett said, “There was no great speech, there were no guys arguing or throwing their helmets.  We came in and we made adjustments. Everyone was focused on doing what we had to do, and that was it. We just made adjustments, changed up our game plan, how we were going to attack this and that is what we went with. “

So there is your plan. No matter how far down you are, as long as you are still breathing, I want you to take this long holiday weekend celebrating our Freedom and Independence – that time when the Patriots came from way behind to defeat the Brits.  I want you to:

  1. Calm Down, get quite, hydrate, and get some rest. Recover

  2. Reground yourself on your game plan OR GET ONE! Review the plans you made.

  3. Assess what you know now that you didn’t know when you started the year. What are the obstacles that came up? What are the weaknesses you need improve? What are you advantages that you need to leverage better?

  4. What adjustments do you need to make? How do you need to change up your game plan?

  5. How many points do you need to score to still WIN! What are the numbers you have to hit to still achieve your big goal?

~ Measurable Metrics in Business are critical for success. It amazes me how many businesses owners have no clue. Follow along with me in the last half of the year as we look at some of the basics of knowing your numbers. BE SURE AND SIGN UP FOR OUR MARKETING DYNAMICS TRAINING) ~

That’s it! No motivational rah-rah speech or theatrics needed. Take this weekend to 1. Relax 2. Review Your Plan 3.  Assess What You Know Now 4. Decide What Adjustments Are Needed 5. Recalibrate Your Metrics To Win!

You can still make this the best year of your life yet. Go make it happen – WIN!