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Test out Facebook Instant Articles

Consider Posting Articles Straight To Facebook

While it seems contradicting to use Facebook to marketing with Twitter, it actually seems sensible in this case. Facebook features Instant Articles, which allow small businesses to publish text content directly to the social media giant. As a result, Twitter is also making the move towards this type of content creation. Making use of Instant Articles on Facebook now will help you discover the changes you will need to make when Twitter rolls out a similar tool.

Make use of Twitter for Client Service

Consumers will overlook quite a few benefits of your competitors if they get a more personal experience with your company. While it can often be difficult to always be around to respond to customer questions, wants and complaints, Twitter makes it far easier. Make sure you have Twitter on your mobile device set to send alerts. When someone interacts with your company take the time to respond. Not many marketing strategies can outpace great service.

Set Up Internet Sales Infrastructure

Maybe you haven’t had the time or money to set up a “shopping cart” on your website. Thanks to Twitter, though, you’ve got the option to sell online in 2016. The site is rolling out a ‘Buy Now’ function on Tweets, so this means your Twitter marketing strategies will come replete with the ability to immediately make a sale. Basically, start updating your Twitter strategy now.

Twitter has long been a marketing tool for companies who understand offline marketing is slowing down. In 2016, though, new trends with the site will make the site indispensable to marketers.

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