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Facebook Makeover and Takeover

We are including a 7 Day Takeover to show you how to increase ROI through social engagement. Let us Prove our worth.  This has a true value of over $300!

Case Studies

Cupcake Company

Like many other businesses, the business owner was not able to see direct results from her previous marketing efforts. Now, with the proper use of Facebook marketing, she can finally see direct results. With engaging posts to a targeted market, we were able to turn her current client base into her biggest ambassadors, and “remind” them of the great desserts she has to offer. We were also able to introduce the business to an entirely new audience that may have never heard of the business before, hence
attracting new customers.

The business has sold out several times when events were promoted, and specific items were advertised. In addition to cupcakes and macaroons, the shop also makes custom cakes. After highlighting their cake offerings, they consistently receive custom cake orders on a regular basis as well. The business continues to grow with new customers and repeat loyal customers coming in every day!

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The business owner struggled to see how marketing on Facebook would help his business, but he went in with an open mind and the results were much more than expected. His current customers have now become his biggest ambassadors, which has helped influence new visitors.

He was very happy because he could see direct results.

The team will continue promoting the two weekly events as well incorporating lunch deals and more through Facebook as we watch and see the business grow.

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Renfrew pizza has relied on word of mouth marketing as well as being active in the community to establish a solid client base of loyal regulars. However, with that model, growth is slow. Therefore, after implementing Facebook marketing strategies, they now have a real online presence. This online presence has grown their business and exposed it to new set of people that may have not been aware of them before.

We’ve been able to showcase their food, their menu as well as their accomplishments and reviews. Now the city of Renfrew knows where to go for the best pizza in town!

PDF Case Study

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