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If your customers are purely on desktops, animated memes and big images are okay, but with so much access coming via mobile, things can slow. In fact, your message may get erased before it even loads. Simply drop the “flash” and “pizazz” by being concise and including an attractive call to action. And since wearable technology will make it even easier for people to ignore messages, conciseness will become even more important.

Enhance Email for Mobile Screens

Large images and hilarious memes are great for desktop web surfing, but they can severely slow down a mobile user. For this reason, many on your email list may delete your messages before they can finish loading. To combat this, only make sure your message is short and snappy and has a call to action. Conciseness will become even more essential as wearable technology reduces consumer attention even further.

Enhance Website for Mobile Users

It is easy to comprehend how critical a mobile-friendly website is thinking about the number of people who access the internet via smartphone. It is highly improbable, though, that you realize just how important. As it turns out, 40% of clients will leave a website if it takes over three seconds to load. So if your site is not customized for mobile use, you could possibly lose 4 out of every 10 potential customers.

Offer Benefits via Mobile Marketing

One of the important things about mobile technology is that you can now make your customers market for you. By providing an incentive to clients who “check in” via ShopKick, Facebook, FourSquare or other mobile sites, you can make an individual happy while concurrently alerting their friends about your company. Additionally you can integrate Quick Response (QR) codes and even make an app to reward customers for their loyalty.

Mobile marketing is the present-day big trend. Make sure you are not left behind as it evolves.