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Product Review for the New Persuasion Power Sheet.

I am going to be using this sheet to revamp all of my presentations and you should too. I may even try this on my family. 🙂 I have followed Marlon Sanders for a number of years and he is considered one of the Leaders and Pioneers of Internet Marketing. He has sold 42,932 products sold and generated millions of dollars over the years. so I have no problem recommending this to you (and using my affiliate link).

You fill in the blanks.

In 10 minutes or less, you have a powerful, practical plan to persuade anyone to do anything.

How can this be?

Let me explain. For all the complexities of the human brain, people are actually fairly simple creatures. They’re motivated by the desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain by thousands of years of experience passed down in the genetic memory we all share.

Fact OneThis genetic “persuasion code” is hardwired into ALL of us, regardless of race, sex or geographic location.

We all share a common genetic memory because in the ancient past all humans started from a central location. As humans spread around the globe and created countries, this same genetic memory was passed from generation to generation.

Fact TwoThis genetic memory is hardwired to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

Anthony Robbins says:

“Everything human beings do is merely an attempt to change the way they feel”

Kurt Lewin (September 9, 1890 – February 12, 1947), a German-born psychologist who is recognized as the founder of social psychology, created theories about the conflicts humans experience as: approach-avoidance, approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, and double approach-avoidance.

Traditional psychology calls these motivators “approach avoidance.” Approach means you go towards it because it’s pleasurable or desirable. Avoidance means you move away from it because it’s not desirable or it’s painful.

Wikipedia says:

Fact ThreeThere are only TWO PRIMARY LEVERS that allow you to switch on and off the “pain/pleasure” motivators.

This is where most people get it wrong. There are TWO steps required to activate the pain/pleasure motivators. Most people use one or the other.

But they don’t do both.

And I’ve boiled these two steps down into substeps and put them into a Persuasion Sheet that you can use in only 10 minutes to take your best shot at persuading anyone to do anything.

I’m NOT saying you can persuade anyone to do anything. That would be ridiculous. I’m saying if there IS a chance of persuading them, then THESE two steps give you the best shot at doing it.

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