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  • Our in-house authors will write you the ideal press release. Just answer the following questions and upload your media files. We’ll jazz it up with the right language to grab attention and gain traffic and visibility.


    1) We will re-write the PR if it is not ranking on the first page of Google for low to mid competition keywords within 48 hours of being published.

    2) Guarantee Google 3 pack ranking for a local business within 6 months. Provided you are doing 1 PR per month that we are writing for you, and the location you are ranking for has a population of 350,000 people or less. If you do not rank in the 3 pack within 6 months we will keep writing PRs for you for free until you do.

    First, add your company information. If this has already been done on a previous press release, simply list the company name and any changes that you want to be made specifically for this press release in the company information.
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