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Direct VoiceMail vs Ringless VoiceMail

Ringless Voice Mail has been around for about 8 years or more. We began using this marketing tool for our clients about 2 years ago. it was a great solution and many of our clients had amazing success with it. The main clients that used this service were Auto Dealers. We would get about 20-25% response rate and they loved it.

As time progressed, however, the problems associated with it consistently kept getting worse. We had clients start to get mad at us. Their customers were getting mad at them for the multiple half rings and multiple messages. We found that many carriers when the message was dropped into the voice mail, the customer’s phone would ring a half ring, Sometimes it would ring a half ring multiple times. So they would call in and be upset. The worst part was that many times the actual message wouldn’t show up on their phone until 5 – 10 minutes later. Also, we began to notice that customers were getting called more than once, which made matters even worse.

Old Data: In addition to that, the data we were given to use was very outdated and also caused some issues.This was not working well at all. it is funny I have people tell me all the time, well I get unlimited data from xyz company for FREE! Do I even have to say it – You get what you pay for.

We decided something had to be done. We searched through a number of solution providers until we were convinced that we had found a perfected Ringless Voice Mail System. We were determined to provide quality service and the best data for our clients. Current 2017 data usually costs $.08 to $.15 per lead depending on the criteria. Our data is current and can be broken down into precise demographics.

Click Here to see all the various demographic selectors we can use. 

99% of our clients keep signing up month after month and say they are very happy with the service. But to be totally transparent, Sprint customers get a 1/4 ring when the message is dropped. It does not show as a missed call and then they see the message.

But there are a lot of companies out there that are less than you guys, so why should I buy from you?  Well by this time in the article it should be very clear, but if it is not, you probably should go buy from them. 🙂