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Find the best Industry Influencers

Choose the best Influencers

While the prospect of getting a social media share from Brad Pitt may seem alluring, making this your focus won’t usually pay off. You need to focus on influencers who people actually see as industry experts in a field. Rather than choosing Taylor Swift for her fashion savvy, for example, focus on an actual fashion designer. Not only do people actually admire their expertise, you will also find that they are much more accessible.

Do Investigation on Influencers

Once you have found the right influencer for your industry, your first inclination may be to quickly start tweeting your blogs and articles to them. This crass technique, though, will not usually have results. Instead, make an effort to examine this influencer. Look at the type of things they usually share, and using that info, generate great content that is more likely to raise their attention.

Develop the Association

While it will be possible that an influencer will share your content even though they have never heard of you, it’s pretty unlikely. You must first build rapport with this thought leader. Take time to comment, share and even analyze things the influencer posts. Do this consistently and you will jump out. The rapport you build will heighten the likelihood of getting a little public attention from the thought leader.

If you aren’t using influencer marketing in your promo tactics, it is time to make a change. When you can acquire the admiration of an industry thought leader, you will get the regard of all those that follow them.