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Let Mistakes Train

Create a fantastic Value Proposition

The 2016 primaries saw the introduction of the anti-establishment idea. Bernie Sanders presented himself in place of the status quo. This is even though he voted together with Hillary Clinton 93 percent of the time.

Sanders understood, however, that he needed a value proposition. This is true for local business owners as well. When marketing, you have to point out the one thing that makes your business more special than the rest. Create value, and then lead with it.

Always Benefit From Your Glitches

This is not Hillary Clinton’s first time at the rodeo. In 2008, she went up against Barack Obama in the primaries. Thanks to faults such as a lack of new ideas and overconfidence, however, she lost. She is making sure not to make the error with Sanders.

Every local company owner will make faults, but that doesn’t imply a certain strategy will not work. Most likely the incorrect keywords were targeted. Maybe a excellent article was posted on social media at the wrong time. Look at these errors and adjust


Recognize Your Audience

Donald Trump is just about the most polarizing political figures in modern history. This has a lot to do with his abrasiveness, but Trump also understands that this is what his audience is looking for. A considerable portion of the GOP wants someone who is not afraid to say what he believes, and Trump gets that.

This is also necessary for businesses. If your key demographic is millennials, you must realise what they are looking for. Also, make sure you are opening in a good area. Since Washington DC saw a 10.6 percent explosion in millennial population over four years, it might be suitable for the aforementioned demographic.

Presidential primaries will always be a fun filled time in American politics. And if marketers can learn a thing or two in the process, it is all the better.