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cc Studio Inc. began in 1998 as an internet marketing company. In those early days of the internet, we sold our own and other’s info products, software and services. The internet has grown and changed over the years. Our main focus over the years has been to keep up with what is working today.

In 2001 we shifted gears and brought our marketing expertise to the local business market. 

As we moved to Denver, CO in 2012 we incorporated.  In 2015 we separated into specific branches to handle specific types of marketing. cc Studio Inc. remained our video production division and Advanced Marketing Dynamics became our marketing division. We have specialized teams that run our various platforms to maximize our effectiveness.

     So what sets us apart in a world filled with marketing consultants, social media experts and all around SEO gurus. I have so many of our clients tell me that they have spent thousands with these so-called experts with very little results. So I understand the hesitancy. I personally have worked to set ourselves apart from this crowd and distinguish ourselves as the go-to company for all your marketing needs.


  In 2013, we joined a consortium of over 300 marketing agencies worldwide.   This association has allowed us to pool our knowledge, expertise, and research and develop the best marketing procedures, platforms, and strategies that make the biggest impact on business today. Millions have been spent on the tools and platforms that we use every day. It allows us to remain on top of trends and coming changes that will affect the future of business in a way that no individual agency could accomplish on its own.

     We do things a little differently at AMD. We know most of our competitors want to sell what they have and tell you how great it is. We want to prove our worth. We are not here to just push products and services. We want to work with you on an ongoing basis to provide and continue to provide proven cutting-edge ideas THAT WORK! But more importantly, THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU!


Some Of Our Other Sites

Auto Marketing Dynamics

We have a number of amazing new cutting-edge technologies to help auto dealers including all of the old tried and true marketing programs as well. I will put our marketing team up against the best in the business. With over 40 years combined experience in the field, they know what they are doing.

InMarket Match

Every day, your next potential customer commits hundreds of behaviors…pre-purchase behaviors, that leave irrefutable proof that they are actively preparing to buy what you sell…this, is an InMarket Lead.

Reputation Marketing Dynamics

We specialize in Reputation and Brand Marketing. This is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of any business model in today’s internet climate. We teach you how to always be proactive against the negative and to market the positive for best business growth. We have the largest and most robust reputation program available today!

Viral Video Ventures

We have a full-fledged video production studio for all your needs. A complete graphics and animation department to make your projects look amazing.

cc Studio News

We have a special division that specializes in reputation and interview videos for your business promotion. Check these out!

Our Team


Floyd Dixon – CEO
Floyd Dixon began his career at 16 as a plumber’s apprentice in south-central Iowa. Over the years he started his own plumbing company, excavating crew and building crew. To support these endeavors he also began his own lumber yard and redimix plant.  His entrepreneurial spirit is the force behind all that we do to drive business and help out customers reach their goals


Brad Dixon – President
Online Reputation Management & Marketing Specialist, Business Growth Strategist, Author and Professional Speaker, Brad has spent the better part of 40 years in the art of selling and customer service. He began his first successful company at the age of 8 and have created several companies as well as worked for a number of major Fortune 100 companies. cc Studio, Inc began in 1998 as an internet marketing company. This has grown into a multinational company now serving over 800 clients in over 30 countries. The motto of his life and this company is “Carbon Copy Success”. Study what is successful and patterns business and life after it.

Business People Support Teamwork Meeting Organizing Concept\

Team Work – We have a team of 7 programmers, designers, and developers experienced in their various fields with one passionate goal – to help you grow your business.